3.2 < 4.1 – PerformanceDDx delivers more accurate metrics

Clinical performance data derived from over 80% of patient voices delivers more accurate picture

In the next 2 years, hospitals expect 50% or more of revenue will be tied to value-based contracts. Success requires organizations to improve care and better monitor performance.

PerformanceDDx makes this possible through:

  • larger sample sizes
  • patient champions to improve patient care
  • role-specific provider metrics
  • higher-resolution reporting

About the Case Study

The following is derived from actual Performance Differential data of a major university health center Emergency Department. The names have been changed for privacy reasons.

The Challenge

The benchmarking service used by the University’s heath care center used a small sample size of just three patients over several months.

Dr. Hammond is an emergency attendant at a busy University Health Center Emergency Department. His organization uses patient feedback scores to make important administrative decisions surrounding hiring, firing, incentives, and more.

In this study, Dr. Hammond’s average score on an important performance related question is 3.2 out of 5.

Scores taken from such small sample sizes can be drastically skewed by one negative review. These low quality metrics affect both individual providers and the health care organization:

  • Doctors, nurses, and care providers are held accountable to a score that does not accurately reflect their performance
  • Expensive administrative decisions rely on low quality metrics
  • Value-based reimbursements are influenced by inaccurate performance metrics
Case Study

The Solution


Collect data from a larger population to deliver more precise performance metrics.

Utilizing PerformanceDDx and assistive Patient Champions, 53 surveys collected feedback on the performance of Dr. Hammond. The results show with greater confidence that Dr. Hammond is actually more consistently a 4.1 out 5 performer, and should be regarded as such.

PerformanceDDx and assistive Patient Champions, PerformanceDDx can consistently deliver over 80% of your patients’ voices. This larger sample size gives a more statistically accurate results.

The PerformanceDDx improves organizations beyond performance scores. The platform also delivers:

  • Patient Champions that increase the number of positive touch points from which your patients can benefit during their visit.
  • Detailed reports that depict the individual performance of clinicians, nurses, clerical staff and vendors
  • Reporting on aggregate department and organizational trends

The Impact

  • Attribute aberrancies in care quality to individual clinicians and nurses and processes
  • Facilitate the completion of clerical tasks that would otherwise detract from the productivity and efficiency of your clinicians and nurses
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Define performance and drive changes with reporting that tracks individual and organizational trends

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