Capture precise metrics that improve value-based performance

PerformanceDDx combines advanced reporting capabilities with attentive Patient Champions to help organizations succeed in a value based care model.


Don’t hold clinicians accountable to inaccurate performance metrics

PerformanceDDx makes it easy to collect real-time precise metrics from > 80% of patient voices. Larger sample sizes deliver organizations more precise, granular metrics to guide administrative decisions.

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Role-specific evaluations increase accountability

Performance data is attached to each provider by role.

A pictorial index and caregiver information is available to each paitent so they are informed on who is taking care of them.

Patient Champion

Increase the number of positive patient-touch points with Patient Champions

Patient Champions enable doctors, clinicians, and nurses to achieve more patient-face time improve care value by facilitating the completion of time-consuming tasks that would otherwise burden your staff. In partnership with ScribeAmerica, PerformanceDDx assigns Patient Champions that:

  • Improve patient satisfaction with attentive stewardship services
  • Save nurses and clinicians time by facilitating completion of essential clerical tasks
  • Ensure correct data is input into PerformanceDDx platform so performance depicted in real time at higher resolution

Patient Champions are not healthcare providers. They are technology-assisted technology-enabled, directly supervised clerical support for physicians, nurses and case managers.

Drive important administrative decisions with
confidence in your data

Use real-time data to make decisions relating to hiring, firing, and incentive compensation. Care providers are assessed on more accurate metrics. Your organization is reimbursed based on accurate scores.

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3.2 < 4.1

See a clearer clinician performance view with more accurate metrics.

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