Coordinated telehealth delivers a clear clinical picture and
enables earlier treatment intervention

LatticePDDx tracks indicators of treatment in periods between clinical encounters to help clinicians identify critical issues and improve care plan efficacy.

Performance Differential System enables you to

Identify barriers to care plan effectiveness before they lead to treatment failure

Monitor patient metrics between appointments

Flag high-risk patients to attention of clinicians

Decide appropriate course of intervention

LatticePDDx-Patient Champion solution uses a combination of at-home telemetric hardware and surveys to track treatment between appointments.

These metrics and surveys help clinicians identify barriers to care plan effectiveness before they lead to treatment failure, readmission, or worse.

The LatticePDDx Performance Differential System is backed by our proprietary Lattice software.


LatticePDDx Patient Application

J.S. is a patient admitted to your hospital with congestive heart failure.

Basic Treatment Plan

J.S. personalized care plan includes behavioral changes such as:

  • dietary modification
  • smoking cessation
  • follow up

LatticePDDx Improved Monitoring

J.S. is sent home with telemetric equipment:

  • wireless blood pressure monitor
  • scale and glucosemonitor

A technology-enabled Patient Champion will monitor and support J.S. between appointments.

LatticePDDX Result

Patient Champions are notified when:

  • telemetric devices are not used as prescribed
  • measurements fall outside parameters established in his care plan

Clinicians receive reports so they can adjust treatment plans accordingly.

Without LatticePDDx, measurements between treatments would be missed, increasing risk and reducing treatment plan efficacy.

Earlier intervention possible with treatment flags

When a patient’s treatment is flagged, Patient champions will notify care managers and the primary provider. Clinicians can then meet with the patient adjust treatment plans.

Coordinate care between clinicians

Clinicians working together can now share a more comprehensive view of patient health. Metrics between appointments are recorded, so no details are lost in human communication.

Lattice ConnectionsProprietary Lattice software drives powerful metrics

Lattice Connections has been used over the past 15 years to decrease the ever-increasing burden for transparency and accountability for healthcare organizations.

The Lattice suite of modular solutions empowers less-costly ancillary staff with technology that extends their roles in the healthcare process.

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