Clinical Training

Compliance training and monitoring to protect your reputation and financial health

Reduce the burden of gaining organizational compliance

Healthcare organizations and clinics are increasingly constrained by evolving regulatory oversight.

Improve awareness of regulatory compliance needs and evolving standards of care

When your organization is under scrutiny for being non-compliant, you need to gain compliance as quickly as possible. Animedix provides clinical training through engaging educational modules, CME, and proprietary tracking applications to help you quickly and efficiently put your healthcare organization back on the right path.

We address areas including, but not limited to…

  • Corporate Integrity Agreement training
  • financial conflict of interest monitoring
  • JCAHO compliance training
  • Stark Law/Anti-kickback statutes

Proprietary technology designed to comply with mandated training

Lattice CME provides engaging, evidenced-based multimedia CME education. The Lattice CME system is designed to comply with mandated training for corporate integrity agreements. It provides training on the leading edge of biomedical science, clinical practice, and healthcare transformation.