About Animedix

Technology solutions drive value-based healthcare improvements

Improve performance and clinical outcomes with telehealth technology solutions developed for the healthcare organizations.

The Animedix Performance Differential Suite and Lattice Platform drive telehealth solutions that take down physical barriers to providing quality care. Healthcare organizations deliver better care and are more profitable with our approach.

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 Two Solutions to Improve Performance and Clinical Outcomes


Track important indicators of treatment between clinical encounters.

A more complete picture enables earlier treatment intervention and better clinical outcomes.

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Capture precise metrics that improve value-based performance.

Providers are measured on more accurate scores. Reimbursement is granted on reliable data.

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 Animedix STAMP of Approval: Our approach to value-based success

STAMP is the Animedix approach to helping organizations meet the needs of a growing populations in a value-based healthcare model.

By integrating telehealth strategies with powerful information technologies, we improve processes for both patients and clinicians.

Patients receive better access to quality care – in the office or in their homes. Clinicians can leverage metrics that are up-to-date and accurate – from anywhere in the world.

By breaking down barriers like geographical limitations and lost data, performance improvements can be seen and measured.






 Lattice ConnectionsProprietary technology increases transparency and accountability

Lattice Connections has been used over the past 15 years to decrease the ever-increasing burden for transparency and accountability for healthcare organizations.

The Lattice suite of modular solutions empowers less-costly ancillary staff with technology that extends their roles in the healthcare process.

We help improve productivity in every aspect of healthcare

Compliance Training & Monitoring

Revenues and penalties are strongly tied to regulatory compliance. Animedix provides compliance training and monitoring to leading healthcare systems.

Electronic Conflict of Interest Management

The Lattice COI module enables institutional research administration personnel with the ability to seamlessly accrue and assess self-reported conflict of interest disclosures and provide informative reports that depict compliance issues across the organization.

Medical Animation

Animedix has over 10 years of experience providing medical animation communication services for the biotechnology industry, large pharma, universities and hospitals.

Clinical Trial Support

Save significant time and courier expenses with our secure Lattice communication system. We implement a system to help you coordinate the delivery and tracking of regulatory documents, study updates, required reporting, FDA/GCP training and more.