Two telehealth solutions that help healthcare providers succeed in a value-based healthcare model


Improve patient safety & care coordination

Telemetry, surveys, and human dialog work together to complete the clinical picture and allow for earlier intervention. LatticePDDx delivers a complete case view.

Improve Patient Care


Accurately assess clinician performance

Real-time, higher resolution data is critical to measuring clinical performance. PerformanceDDx delivers higher resolution data on specific providers that informs important decisions.

Track Clinician Performance

New formula for success in value-based healthcare model

Precise Metrics

on patient satisfaction,treatment plans, length of stay, 30-day readmissions, and door-to-doc times.


Patient Champions

assume the burden of clerical tasks, freeing clinician time.


Informed Decisions

surrounding care plans, reimbursement, hiring, firing, incentive compensation, and improving CAHPS scores.

Case Study

Data derived from over 80% of patient voices delivers more accurate picture

Performance data derived from small sample sizes can be unfairly skewed. Study proves how doctor regarded as 3.2 is really a 4.1 with larger sample size.

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Percentage of patient population surveyed on provider performance

Regular Benchmarking

Partnership for success

We developed the Lattice PDDx Platform to collect and report high-resolution metrics in real time across allhealth care departments and locations.


Patient Champions utilize Animedix technology to efficently collect patient feedback. Stewardship services improve patient care coordination.

Support to help you gain compliance & improve clinical outcomes

Clinical Training

Improve awareness of regulatory compliance needs and evolving standards of care through engaging educational modules, CME, and proprietary tracking applications.

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Patient Education

Educate patients on proper self-care procedures that improve clinical outcomes with multimedia training supplements treatment plans for patients.

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